Pick and Bow

Welcome to Pick and Bow! We’re glad you are here!

Everything you need to know about your virtual music lessons is here. 

Before Your Lesson…

  1. Download the app, “ZOOM Cloud meetings” on the device you’ll be using for lessons.
  2. Download the app, “Pano Tuner – Chromatic Tuner”.
  3. Try to get your instrument in tune before the lesson. Parents, your child might need help with this! It’s okay if you don’t get it tuned perfectly, but it will help teachers immensely if the instrument is at least close to being in tune.
  4. Watch these videos to learn how to tune your instrument:
Check the teaching schedule and see what tune we’ll be learning!

Begin Your Lesson Using the Button Below!

  • All students will click this link at 5pm on the day you are registered for lessons. 
  • DO NOT share this link with anyone.

Song Chord Charts

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